YAUCO 8oz Bag

YAUCO 8oz Bag

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 This limited offering is sourced from only a handful of region specific producers who adhere to the highest standards of quality. Here, everything is taken into consideration. From the climate, altitude, soil and varietal; to the water and temperature used to wash and dry the coffee. These are then artfully roasted in order to highlight the unique characteristics in taste and aroma from each of the selected regions. This commitment to excellence culminates in what we consider an outstanding representation of all that Puerto Rican coffees have to offer. We highly encourage you to try it the way great coffee was enjoyed by past generations, locally referred to as "puya" (with no milk or sugar).  

Roasting & Shipping Schedule

Baraka Coffee Co.'s regional coffees are roasted to order to ensure peak freshness in each and every bag that leaves the shop. We roast online orders once weekly and ship them out the next business day via USPS Priority Mail. Because of this, some orders may take longer than others to ship depending on the day that the order was placed.
*** Flat rate shipping is available for up to 6 coffee bags per order. This offer is applicable only for domestic orders and is subject to change without prior notice.