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Jayuya, Puerto Rico Coffee Bag 2LBS

Jayuya, Puerto Rico Coffee Bag 2LBS

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This limited offering is sourced from a coffee producer who adheres to the highest standards of quality. We have gone to one of the highest towns in the central region to source one of our most subtle and cleanest coffees on offer. Jayuya, Puerto Rico otherwise known as "La Capital Indígena" or "The Indigenous Capital" is home to the highest peak in Puerto Rico which goes by the name of "Cerro Punta". This is a family owned coffee farm and everything is taken into consideration. From the climate, altitude, soil and coffee plant varietal; to the water and temperature used to wash and dry the coffee. This coffee is then freshly roasted by us to a medium-light degree in order to highlight the unique characteristics of the terroir.

This Jayuya coffee selection is also available in 8oz bagsCheck out our Subscriptions to save 10% and enjoy your freshly roasted coffee without ever running out.

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Customer Reviews

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David Rodríguez Andino
Extremely versatile

It's roasted in a way that works for espresso, filtered and iced coffee. Choose your brew method and enjoy!

Stephanie Ortiz
Our go-to coffee

A cup of Jayuya has been the first step in our morning routine for over two years. Bold and smooth at the same time, it is our daily connection to home. The best coffee!

Gary Gutierrez
Ejemplo de cuidado artesanal

Con solo mirar el café de Baraka se sabe que es un producto seleccionado y cuidado con especial atención. La uniformidad de los granos y la constancia del tueste producen toda una experiencia sensorial en cada taza. ¡BRAVO!!!

Jayuya is top notch

I have been drinking Baraka Coffee for some time and the Jayuya is my favorite. It is perfect for a pour over!


El café en grano de Jayuya es simplemente extraordinario! Desde el momento en que abres la bolsa, te envuelve un aroma cautivador que anticipa una experiencia única de degustación. Cada taza de este café es una verdadera obra maestra que deleitará tus sentidos. Están cuidadosamente tostados para resaltar su sabor y aroma, lo que se traduce en una taza de café rica y llena de matices.