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A Trip To Origin

Just got back from sourcing an amazing coffee produced by our good friends up in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico. The view and the weather was great, but the coffee was even better. Nicknamed "The Switzerland of Puerto Rico", the mountainous municipality of Adjuntas boasts the perfect conditions for Arabica varieties to flourish and so it produces some of the best coffee that we have tasted so far on the island. We can't wait to get back and start roasting our signature Back In Black coffee. #BarakaCoffeeCo

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  • Maria Sanchez

    I taste the Melkao. It has an excellent aroma and flavor. Never bitter taste.

    I am very proud that this excellent product is made in Puerto Rico whos idea has been by puertorrican’s. I am very proud that we are back to our roots and to the time were Puerto Rico has been world renounce coffee makers long before any multinational coffee corporation started to promote the idea of excellent coffee taste.

    Keep it up.

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