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REcolecta: Coffee Pickers Contest

REcolecta is an initiative that looks to incentivize coffee pickers in Puerto Rico through a contest at selected farms in which cash prizes will be given to the top three pickers at the end of the harvest season. With these efforts, we hope to not only revive this ailing sector but to also attract new people to these farms who so desperately need them. Sandra Farms in Adjuntas, will be the first participating farm.

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Sandra's Farms - Coffee Above the Clouds

For years Sandra and Israel Gonzalez have been working towards producing what we at Baraka Coffee consider to be one of the best coffees that Puerto Rico has to offer. Taking care of a farm like theirs is no easy task. Enduring hard times after experiencing on of the fiercest hurricanes in recent history, Sandra's Farms is still holding strong to a philosophy forgotten by many; a commitment to producing true "Specialty Coffee" from an island that was once known and respected by coffee enthusiasts around the world. At their farm, they place quality over quantity as Israel would say.  Located in the mountainous town of Adjuntas, Sandra's Farms stands up in the clouds, in an area perfect for coffee production. Their farm sits in the...

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The Start of Something Great

Many thanks to the people of Hecho en Caguas for giving us the opportunity to present our coffee products during the Feria Hecho en Puerto Rico 2015 and to Manuel Cidre for stopping by and trying our Cold Brew On Draft served from our bike. #barakacoffee #hechoenpuertorico #hechoencaguas

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A Trip To Origin

Just got back from sourcing an amazing coffee produced by our good friends up in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico. The view and the weather was great, but the coffee was even better. Nicknamed "The Switzerland of Puerto Rico", the mountainous municipality of Adjuntas boasts the perfect conditions for Arabica varieties to flourish and so it produces some of the best coffee that we have tasted so far on the island. We can't wait to get back and start roasting our signature Back In Black coffee. #BarakaCoffeeCo

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