Sandra's Farms - Coffee Above the Clouds

For years Israel and Sandra have been working towards producing what we at Baraka Coffee consider to be one of, if not the best, coffee that Puerto Rico has to offer. Taking care of a farm like theirs is no easy task. Enduring hard times and the fiercest of hurricanes, Sandra's Farms is still holding strong to a forgotten philosophy by many; a commitment to producing true "Specialty Coffee" from an island that was once known and respected by coffee enthusiasts around the world. 

Located in Adjuntas in the high cordillera, Sandra's Farms stands way up in the clouds, in an area perfect for coffee production. Though they are in an ideal setting to produce the best coffee from the best varietals, Sandra and Israel have the difficulty of getting pickers in order to maximize their harvest every season for the past years. After hurricane María hit our island there have been many efforts to get the farm back on track and coffee trees healthy again for this years harvest. 

Considered by us too important to dismiss, our mission still stands because of farmers and producers like Sandra and Israel. So we have joined forces with our friends ("los viejitos") up in Adjuntas and the guys from Collective Perspective to GIVE BACK. 

So guys, get ready for some crazy cool stuff that we are bringing to the table in the upcoming months, because we want to honor Puerto Rican Coffee, The Farmers and most all THE PICKERS. So be vigilant of our social media feeds and this Blog. 

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