"Las Manos del Café" Artist Series Print (8"x11"in) – Baraka Coffee Co.


"Las Manos del Café" Artist Series Print (8"x11"in)
"Las Manos del Café" Artist Series Print (8"x11"in)

"Las Manos del Café" Artist Series Print (8"x11"in)

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"Las manos del café" by artist Adrielo represents the work of coffee pickers during harvest in Puerto Rico. All proceeds from these prints will go to Re:Colecta pilot program where cash prices will be awarded to the top three pickers at the end of this year's harvest. This years participating farm will be Finca Luis Roig in Yauco, PR. Click HERE to find out more about this ongoing initiative. 

Artwork is a personalized Giclée Print in High Quality 300 Gram Acuarela Paper, 100% Acid Free, 50% Cotton / 50% refined wood pulp. Frame not included. 

About the artist:

The basis of the works come from the fragility of the memory and the intent to share a visual image of a moment lived that with time slowly fades away in our memories. This main idea is represented by bold black faded lines in the artworks while the gold color presented in all of the pieces represent “stardust” touching the memories with a beautiful spark of light. More than an ode to the memory the artworks are an invitation to live and absorb as much as the present moment as possible. Life is what we have right this moment, this whole second that could also be an eternity.

"Memories are the fading remains of the present moment passing by