"Por Amor al Café" Artist Series Print (8"x10"in) – Baraka Coffee Co.


"Por Amor al Café" Artist Series Print (8"x10"in)

"Por Amor al Café" Artist Series Print (8"x10"in)

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"Por amor al café" is a one-of-a-kind artwork by Puerto Rican urban artist Nelson Selek for our Re:Colecta 2023 initiative. This year we wanted to celebrate and shine a light on the contributions of women in the coffee industry. We are experiencing a global cultural shift, and women are finally getting the recognition they deserve in any given field. Over the years we have noticed the influence and affluence of women as key players in the coffee industry. From baristas, to pickers, to farm and/or coffee shop owners, educators, etc. This is why the focus of Re:Colecta 2023 is on Ruth Mariel and her new farm in Ciales, Puerto Rico. She has come a long way and is planting, picking and processing coffee that we hope to highlight and add to our online shop in the near future. At the moment she needs help with building a seed nursery for her small but growing farm. This is why the artist chose to create this beautiful artwork to honor the importance of Ruth's "Love for coffee". 

Artwork is a personalized Giclée 8"X10" Print in High Quality 300 Gram Acuarela Paper, 100% Acid Free, 50% Cotton / 50% refined wood pulp. Frame not included. 

About the artist:

Nelson "Selek" Hernandez is a Puerto Rican street artist who's work has taken him to places like New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, San Diego, Miami, Canada, Germany, Italia and Switzerland. His style is all about texture, layering and coloring maintaining a clean and modern aesthetic while playing with bold and strong lines. 

His visual expressions are direct and spontaneous. His graffiti instincts and calligraphy are seen throughout his works. His ability to interpose textures, layerings, unique symbols and patterns expressed with vibrant colors portrays a magnetic energy that defines him as one of the most relevant graffiti artist in Puerto Rico.